Blue Lab Beats - Vibe Central EP

Blue Lab Beats - Vibe Central EP

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London production duo Blue Lab Beats have shared their new 'Vibe Central' EP in full.

The pair's collaboration-heavy debut album 'Xover' was a stunning release, fusing underground jazz with hip-hop, grime, neo-soul, and much more.

A real pot pourri of sounds, it seemed to reflect the city it was made in, with London being reflected at every turn.

New EP 'Vibe Central' moves on from this, with recent single 'Lipstick' featuring alt-soul vocalist Jodie Abacus.

The bombastic 'Hi There' was a pivotal introduction, driven by its ultra-colourful Soul Train referencing video.

The full package is pretty damn impressive, retaining the invention of Blue Lab Beats' debut album while adding something different.

Tune in now.